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El precio máximo por minuto de este servicio es de 41 céntimos desde la red fija y 77 céntimos desde la red móvil, impuestos icluidos.

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Terms & Conditions

Responsibility of the carrier corresponds to the company effectively executing the service. The transport company does not respond for any non-compliance that is not directly attributable to the same, or for any produced due to a fortuitous case, force majeure or due to legal or administrative demands. In like manner the company is not responsible for any losses in the link to their services with other transport companies, be the same own or foreign. In the case of International Lines, responsibility could correspond to the company executing transport, the same in accordance to the Laws and Tribunals of the company`s country.


The passenger is entitled to free transport up to 30 Kg of luggage, except as specifically provided for international routes (25 Kg). If this luggage is checked-in, the company will provide the passenger with the corresponding receipt. In the event of luggage being lost or damaged, it is essential, without prejudice to that indicated in CLAIMS, to place the claim immediately upon arrival, showing the ticket and the check-in receipt.

Any responsibility for any luggage lost or damaged will be determined, limited and quantified in accordance with Law 16/1987, 30 July, of Land Transport Regulations as well as Regulation (EU) nº 181/2011 of the European Parliament and Council, of 16 February 2011, regarding passenger rights in bus and coach transport, in accordance with its wording and application at any time.

The number of passengers transported may not exceed the number of authorized seats, which means that all children are counted for the purposes of determining the number of passengers transported (Royal Decree 965/2006) and therefore all must have tickets, regardless of the age.


The conditions for the transport of bicycles vary depending on the transport company:


The transport of bicycles, surfboards or Skis has a supplement of 5€ on the ticket price in short-haul services and 10€ in long-haul services.
A total of four units are allowed per coach, between bicycles and surfboards (one per ticket). They must be conveniently disassembled and packed.
International services, only allows the transportation of bicycles in the route Spain-Morocco, previously reserved and paid.


They must be conveniently disassembled and packed. Consult the supplement amount.


They must be conveniently disassembled and packed. The transport is free.


According to the Current Legal Regulations, pets cannot access the compartment reserved for passengers on a bus. The only exception is guide dogs for the blind, which are allowed to travel next to the passenger.

In case that the company allows the transport of pets, dogs or cats will travel in the bus hold, inside cages or special baskets provided by the passenger that must be adapted for this use, being strictly prohibited to transport them outside of such cages or baskets.

In general, the transfer of these animals is the sole responsibility of their owners, which shall necessarily travel in the same service as the animal.

The passenger must present himself at the boarding point, together with the animal, 15 minutes before departure, so as to personally introduce the animal into the cage and place it inside the coach, following the instructions given by the driver. The animal shall be in good physical, hygienic and psychological condition for the travel, not being compulsory, although it is recommended, to use a muzzle in case of dogs.

The passenger must present himself at the boarding point, together with the animal, 15 minutes before departure, so as to personally introduce the animal into the cage and place it inside the coach, following the instructions given by the driver. The animal shall be in good physical, hygienic and psychological condition for the travel, not being compulsory, although it is recommended, to use a muzzle in case of dogs.

Only one dog or cat is allowed per bus.

The transport cost can vary depending on the transport company. Please consult in every case.

Cancellation and change in tickets

Cancellation and changes in tickets sold through the Movelia web site may be made at at least 2 hours before departure and with the condition that the ticket is not printed and held at the booking office. It is recommended that these operations be executed during commercial hours, given that transport companies carry out nocturnal maintenance tasks and the service might not be available. If the ticket has been printed at the booking office, the operation will have to take place at each company`s sales point.

In the case of cancellation, the amount of the ticket will be returned to the passenger, deducting 10% if requested less than 48 hours before departure and 20% if requested between 48 and 2 hours before departure of the bus. In no case whatsoever will handling costs be refunded...( See specific change and cancellation conditions.)

In the case of cancellation, and whenever the client is in possession of a printed ticket and no office corresponding to the route issuing company exists, the client is to send the ticket directly to Movelia in order to execute said cancellation.

The ticket will only be valid for the date and time appearing in the same. Non-presentation of the passenger at the time and date of departure will imply loss of the trip and will not give rise to any change in the ticket or to a refund of its amount.

No cancellations and changes are admissible in special promotion tickets.

Tickets purchased at travel agencies and Internet, once printed at the ticket office, only allow changes and cancellation in points of sale.

A change in the travel date is only possible if requested a minimum of 2 hours prior to service, the same conditioned by availability of seats on the new date that is requested.

Only one change is allowed per ticket. The change of date and time is free, except for companies included in the section regarding Specific Conditions for Ticket Change and Cancellation.

Specific conditions for ticket change and cancellation

FOR ALSA TICKETS: In the case of cancelation the company shall refund the passenger the full amount of the ticket if requested at least 48 hours before the departure. If the cancelation is requested between 24 and 48 hours, the company shall refund the amount of the ticket minus 10%. In the event that the cancelation is requested less than 24 hours before 20% shall be deducted from the amount of the ticket.
In case of tickets that have been previously changed, a 20% deduction of the amount will be applied when requested with more than 48 hours in advance. For these types of tickets, the cancellation fee will be 30% when requested between 48 and 24 hours in advance and 40% of its amount, when requested less than 24 hours in advance prior to the departure.

One single change per ticket is admitted when requested at least 48 hours before the departure. An additional surcharge of 5% of the ticket price will be applied for those changes requested 24 to 48 hours in advance. An additional surcharge of 10% of the ticket price will be applied when the change is requested less than 24 hours in advance. The closing of a ticket is considered as a change.

A 20% surcharge will be applied in the second and successive ticket changes when requested more than 24 hours in advance. A 30% surcharge will be applied on the ticket Price when these changes are requested less than 24 hours in advance.

Regarding international routes, these change and cancellation conditions are applicable to all tickets with departure from Spain.

Ticket changes are not allowed for the companies ALOSA, ALARSA. You must contact the customer service of Movelia at 902 33 55 33 in order to cancel the ticket without charges and then proceed with the purchase of a new ticket.

IMPORTANT: When a change or closure of ticket is carried out, the seat may not be chosen because it is automatically assigned.

Changes will only affect the date or time of service. It is not possible to make any change regarding the route, passenger´s personal data, assigned seat and/or number of bus.

Closing of tickets with open return

If the date, time, seat and vehicle corresponding to the return trip are not consigned on the forward and return ticket, the passenger must go to the company`s corresponding booking office as soon as possible (8 days in the case of international lines) to confirm the return trip, which will be conditioned to availability of seats on the requested date. Confirmation of the return does not involve any cost whatsoever.

If the ticket has not been printed at the booking office, the closing operation can be executed at

Check the validity of the departure ticket with open return, since it may vary depending on the company. The companies Daibus, Agreda, Therpasa, La Unión and La Burundesa require that tickets have all the data correct in both directions at the time of the purchase.

Price of the tickets

The total amount of tickets purchased through the Internet consists in the price of the ticket according to the enforced dealer`s tariffs, plus the additional amounts expressed in the concept of handling costs charged by the selling party. Handling costs will be applied to each ticket, considering the forward and return tickets as a sole ticket to the effects of said cost.

Reinforcements and seat assigning

For national and international services the Company reserves the possibility of executing the service with vehicles that belong to collaborating companies whenever circumstances were to thus require the same, and in particular, to cover intensification in traffic, with said vehicles possibly not gathering together the comfort characteristics of their habitual vehicles. The Company reserves the right to modify the seat that is assigned to the passenger whenever operating conditions were to so exact the same.

With Daibus, the vehicles that are contracted to reinforce the lines (coach number 2 and following) make 2 stops during the route in order to comply with that established in the enforced legislation in matters concerning driving and resting periods.

Smoking prohibition

Smoking in the vehicle is strictly forbidden (Art. 6 R.D. 1293/1999).


There is a claim book available for passengers at points of departure and arrival of national services. In accordance with the provisions in the current regulations, the claim must be submitted no later than three months following the date that the scheduled service has been rendered. In the month following the receipt of the claim, the carrier shall notify the passenger that it´s claim has been admitted, has been rejected or still is under review. The deadline to provide the definitive answer shall not exceed three months from the date of receipt of the claim.


For all controversies that could arise about this contract, the parts will subject themselves to the arbitrage procedure of the Transport Arbitration Board corresponding to the registered address of the transport company, duly accepting the decisions of the Board.

Companies Daibus and Transportes Generales Comes will not be subject to arbitration.


Purchase of tickets through the Internet allows applying discounts, this depending on the commercial policy of each company.

Ownership of the ticket

Tickets purchased through the Internet are non-negotiable and non-transferable. The passenger`s personal identification document is required to use the ticket and the same must correspond with the personal identification number appearing on the ticket.

You will have to present your personal identification to travel, this both when directly accessing the bus with a ticket printed on the Movelia web site, as well as when a physical print-out is requested at the sales point.

In the case of tickets purchased through the Internet for minors who are not in possession of personal documentation, the document of the adult accompanying the minor will have to be included in the web section reserved for the same. Non-correspondence of necessary personal data will imply automatic cancellation of the ticket.

Purchasing process

To purchase the ticket please follow the 4 steps outlined on the web site.

As of the moment you choose your seat in step 2 and until you press the "pay" button on the payment page you will have a period of 5 minutes to finish the purchase operation.

The purchase will be valid once you have entered your credit card number and its expiry date and pressed the "Pay" button in Step 4, the same with the corresponding debit of the amount.

Once you have finished the purchase process, we recommend that you press the PRINT button that appears on the screen in the "Purchase Result". If you do not wish to print the ticket or if printing is impossible, please annotate the locator number in a safe place so that you can request a print-out of the ticket at the transport company`s booking office.

Legal text

In compliance with the Spanish Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13 pursuant to the Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that the personal data provided will be included in a file owned by the company with the purpose of carrying out actions corresponding to the purchase of the selected ticket. Likewise, we inform you that the data provided as a result of the purchase will be stored in PISTA (MOVELIA) and in addition it will be transferred to the concessionary companies of regular passenger lines for transport systems. PISTA (MOVELIA) as well as the concessionary companies are responsible for the confidentiality in the terms legally required according to their specific privacy policies.

The fields of the form marked with asterisks (*) are required to be completed. Failure to include these details will mean your purchase cannot be processed.

Sending your personnel data implies the acceptance and consent in the treatment of the same, your personnel data will be incorporated into a duly registered file in the General Data Protection Register.
We understand that the details provided correspond to the interested party and are true. MOVELIA reserves the right to exclude all users who have submitted false information from this service, without prejudice to any other legal action that may be taken by the company. You are responsible for informing MOVELIA if there is any change to the personal information you have provided.

MOVELIA guarantees that you may exercise your right to access, correct, challenge, or delete the information provided in accordance with the procedure established in prevailing legislation by sending an email to or writing to: MOVELIA TECNOLOGÍAS, S.L. (MOVELIA), Calle Orense, 20, 1º, Oficina 13B, 28020, Madrid. In both cases you should attach a photocopy of your National Identity Card, or another document which accredits your identity.


If the client wants the bill for the tickets the option INVOICE may be used upon finalizing of the purchase process, or, if the ticket is printed, it can then be sent by mail to: C/ Orense, 20 1º Puerta 13 28020 Madrid, indicating the invoice data and mailing address for the same.

Changes in bus

According to the legislation on transport, some routes can be executed by means of service connection with combination of timetables for a certain stop and unique issuance of tickets, which would require a change of bus at said stop.

Conditions subject to each company`s policies

The company Hife only admits 15 kg of luggage per passenger and Alosa 20 kg. International lines admit 25 kg.

Bus Access

In national lines, you can access directly to the bus with the locator number and ID Card, except in the companies Hife, Autobuses la Unión, La Burundesa and Trasnportes Generales Comes.

In these companies, passengers should proceed with the printed ticket directly to the bus driver, or to the ticket desk of the transporting company 30m. before departure, with the locator number and ID Card, in order to request the printed ticket.

On international routes, it is necessary that the passenger checks-in 30m. before departure, with the printed ticket and the personal documentation in order.

The international line Spain-France - Switzerland-Poland, has transshipment in Barcelona, so the passenger should go to the Point of Sale of Alsa to obtain the ticket from the town of origin to Barcelona.


Each passenger must carry the necessary documents (passport, Visa, etc.) to cross borders, according to the laws of the country or countries for which they are crossing. If due to causes in which the documentation is not in order, and the passenger is not admitted at boarding, or the entry into any country is prohibited, all expenses will be at his cost, including the return, and the refunding of ticket will not proceed.

The ticket must be kept by the passenger during the entire trip, both for one way or return. Lost or stolen ticket, are neither replaced nor refunded.


On international lines, children under 16 years old must travel accompanied by an adult legally authorized. Youngsters aged between 16 and 18 years, need a passport and police authorization to travel.

In national lines, the travelling conditions for unaccompanied youngsters vary depending on the carrier company. Please check in each case

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